Denise Soler Cox

2018 Power Summit

I felt like there was someone else out there dealing with the same things as me. I felt like I was not alone.
Inspired. Engaged. Moved.
I almost cried, it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. Truly an inspiration. I AM A WOKE BROWN GIRL. I AM RISING.
I am feeling understood and inspired.
How she had vocalized so much of what I have felt or didn’t realize I felt.
So encouraged, understood and connected! I felt like everything I experienced as a first generation college student was validated. What reallt hit home was understanding how we try to change our parents according to what we’ve learned in college and her experience helped me understand that my mom is exactly the way she should be and can be and doesnt need “changing”.
I need to call my mamita and tell her how much I love and appreciate all she has done for me.
I need to keep resisting. Using my voice in grad school and embrace my culture.


Sonia Gutierrez

2018 Power Summit

Whatever my experience is, is ok to have and feel and not be so hard on myself if something doesnt go the way i expected. That change is also ok bc it is part of our personal growth.