1.      A community influencer is focused, committed and selfless often taking great personal risks to right wrongs or challenge unfair practices that adversely impact their community.

2.      A community influencer sees opportunities and challenges in their community and initiates action by motivating and harnessing the strength and power within themselves to change minds, mobilize residents and advocate for change.

This panel moderated by Gabriela Domenzain, a powerful voice and national advocate for Latinos at the national level will lead an honest and candid discussion among a group of strong and vibrant Latina community influencers from across the state of Colorado. She will take you on their leadership journey where you will learn about what life events or circumstances have motivated and or unexpectedly pushed them into these leadership roles. Do they consider themselves leaders? How have they influenced change in their communities? What lessons have they learned along the way? What frightens them and what motivates and inspires them to continue their work in the community? This panel discussion will be in Spanish. Interpreter services will be provided.

Moderated by: