2019 Latinas LEAD Influencer Award

We are honored to announce Susana Cordova as the second recipient of the Latinas LEAD Influencer Award. The award was created to highlight an accomplished Latina who exemplifies the values of the Latinas LEAD initiative: strong-willed and vibrant; one who contributes her authentic voice, talents and innovative spirit to leadership; gives back to community and serves as a role model to others.

A lifelong Colorado resident with decades of experience, Susana encapsulates the values of leadership, education, family and philanthropy.  As superintendent for Denver Public Schools (DPS), Susana’s challenges and accomplishments serve as lessons to all Colorado Latinas.


About Susana

Susana Cordova brings more than 20 years of experience to DPS, serving as a teacher or school leader at the elementary, middle and high school levels. She is a lifelong Denver resident who believes in the power of our schools to transform our city: “Schools are the great equalizer in our society. We must help create opportunities for all children by meeting them where they are and helping them grow and achieve at high levels.”

Susana is a DPS graduate who began her teaching career as a bilingual teacher at Horace Mann Middle School, teaching English and Spanish in a dual language program. From there, she moved to West High School where she taught both English and English as a Second Language and was recruited for the DPS Leadership Academy. She served as assistant principal at Bryant-Webster Elementary for a year before becoming principal of Remington Elementary, a school with a 95% poverty rate. While she was the principal, Remington experienced a gain of over 33 percent over four years on the state reading assessment.

Susana received her undergraduate degree in English from the University of Denver, a master degree in curriculum and instruction/education administration from the University of Colorado and was recently awarded an honorary doctorate in education by the University of Denver. She is the mother of one DPS graduate and one current DPS high school student.